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Mask 3D

The playfulness behind building three-dimensional theatre 

Paris 2017 [more]

Space of Medea


Glasgow 2013 [more]

Clown: Theatrical Architecture

Paris 2016 [more]

Dynamics of text I

In Turkish

Ankara 2012 [more]

A Journey of (e)motion

Amsterdam 2014 [more]


Cinematographic language on the Stage

Amsterdam 2013 [more]

Contemporary Commedia dell'Arte

Paris 2016 [more]

Larval Mask

Architecture of an Elementary Form.

Amsterdam 2015 

Clown: Theatrical Architecture

Madrid 2016

Image - State - Attitude

Line - Plane - Volume

Paris 2013 [more]

Devised Theatre

New York 2016 [more]

Poetics of Survival

Montreal 2016 [more]

Mask Performance

New York & Toronto 2016

Equilibre du Plateau and mask acting

Barcelona 2006

An Insight of the research

A journey of (e)motion

Amsterdam 2015 

Research Tragedy ‘Romance de La Dezarpa

Paris 2013 [more]

The mask and F. G. Lorca

Barcelona 2005

From Mimo-dinamique mask to Expressive mask

Barcelona 2008

The actor’s training and the collective work

Istanbul 2014

The Space of the Clown

Dallas 2013

A Journey of (e)motion: 

Expressive Mask

Amsterdam 2015

Acting 7

Devised Theatre - Wagner

New York 2016

Manifesto In Action

Larval Mask - Neutral Mask - Clown

François Lecoq & Carlos García Estévez

Bogota 2015 [more]

Mask and the Contemporary Theatre

New York and Toronto 2016

Mask: Dramatic Space

New York 2016

The voice and the mimo-dinamique mask at Roy Hart Center

Malerargues (FR) 2009

Multiculturalism and Mask Symbolism

Barcelona 2007

Space of Lorca

Amsterdam 2012 [more]

The tragic depth in Commedia dell’Arte

Amsterdam 2015

Dynamics of text II in Dutch

Rotterdam 2011

Contemporary Mask Performance

Paris 2015

Contemporary Commedia dell'Arte Laboratory

International 1998 - 2017


Research on a new language

Arnhem 2011 [more]

Space of the chorus

Glasgow 2012 [more]